How Can We Help You?

Order & Package

1. You can shop online and use our warehouse address
2. We receive and keep all your packages at our warehouse
3. When you want those to send to you, you can fill the consolidation form about: what items, address, etc
4. We will gather, packed, and coùnt the shipping fee
5. You pay the shipping fee
6. We send it to you

With this service you may SAVE MONEY on the shipping fee compare if you send EACH of your online shopping DIRECTLY to your address.

For the detail information about price, kinds of warehouse services, etc you can visit

We will send you an email notification for every updates of your order

通过我们的网站 你可以找到各种各样的K-流行的东西范围从货物可在官方储存,如Weverse,JYP商店的音乐会门票和其他限制的项目。 🎫

不要犹豫向我们发送信息如果你有任何问题,韩国流行的音乐会。 丹尼哥哥的经验 机票的战争! 🔥🔥🔥

是的,丹尼哥随时准备帮助你。 请让我们知道什么样的事情你需要,我们将把它作为一个特殊的要求。 然而,在某些情况下限制的东西,不是很容易找到。 如果有什么意外发生,例如我们无法提供的东西的请求,我们将尽全退还给我们的客户。

Yes, at our homepage you can find special price option for big quantity purchase. For 50 pcs and more, you can contact us for a wholesale price.

You can contact us (insta DM, FB messenger, email, line, etc) and don’t forget to mention your order ID/ consol ID/ assisted purchase ID

Please check it at our website (, write the item name at the search colomn. If it is there, you can order directly. If not, means we do not sell it yet. But, don’t worry you may ask us to provide it or you can also use our assisted purchase service

You can claim free album if you buy the photocards:
1. The same version with the photocards
2. The same (or less) quantity with the photocards

Usually photographs are given random, unless there is options you can choose. For random photographs you may write notes about your request, we can not promise you but will give the best as the stock available

协助采购服务,帮助客户找到的东西从大韩民国市场。 不仅K-流行的东西但我们也可以帮助你找到任何随机的东西,如小说、家用电器和其他人。 你不需要担心 "如何了东西从weverse店" 因为我们将这样做都是为了你。

Yes, You can use our Assisted Purchase Service:
1. You can fill the assisted purchase service form (about the items detail, link, quantity, etc)
2. We will buy it for you and will inform you after we get it
For detail information you can visit

You can copy paste this:
서울 특별시 은평구 응암동22 길20 지하1층
add your SNS id <– most important
Postal Code 03467
Phone +82-10-7622-6372

For Example

*Name : Daniel
*Address: 서울 특별시 은평구 응암동 419-250 지하1층Daniel Insta
*Postal Code : 03467
*Phone +82-10-7622-6372

Important to write your SNS id at the address section. Otherwise we can not identify your package.


If you want to know the shipping fee, you can make a simulation order:
1. Put all the items you want
2. Choose shipping company
3. Fill your address
Our system will automaticly show you the shipping price.

在某些情况下,人为错误的可能发生。 我们将立即审查您的订单,并讨论最好的方式为支付赔偿。 我们可以重新正确的项目,和/或在有些情况下,退还将完成替代。