Bunjang Buying Service

Bunjang is one of South Korea’s largest online platforms for trading second-hand goods. Most of its users are young Korean fans who frequently exchange their favorite idols’ items, including rare photocards, autographed albums, and more. Bunjang is a shopping paradise for K-pop collectors and thrift lovers seeking rare, authentic, and affordable K-pop artist merchandise.

Unfortunately, making transactions on Bunjang is not easy for everyone outside Korea. However, with the collaboration of Kstairway, global access to exclusive goods sold in Korea is now much easier. You now have the chance to hunt for all the items available exclusively in Korea, such as limited edition items or cheaper K-pop memorabilia with Kstairway!

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List your items with detailed information so we can order your item correctly. We accept payment via PayPal, Korean Bank, Koronapay, Indonesian Bank and Credit/Debit Cards