Assisted Purchase Guidelines

1. Customers tell to Kstairway what products they want to buy.
2. Kstairway will charge 10% each item of the item’s price

Our fee is 10% from total transaction with minimum fee 20 usd from total transaction. For example, if customer buys 10 pcs BTS Lighstick, 500 USD. So, Kstairway will charge assistant purchase fee 500 USD x 10% = 50 USD

3. After buying the items, Kstairway will update to the customers when the items arrive
4. When the items are arrived, Kstairway team will check, identification, and calculation the items at the Warehouse.
5. In total, customers should pay 10% of product’s price
6. We will pack and send your Assisted Purchase order within one week after your package arrives at our warehouse